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Dolch Stories


Squirrel and Bumblebee

Squirrel and Beaver

Squirrel needed to wash up. She liked her fluffy tail best when it was clean.

“What are you doing, Squirrel?” Bumblebee said. He stopped upon a flower by Squirrel’s window.

“I am getting ready to draw a hot bath,” Squirrel said. “So I can get clean.”

“Show me how that works, please,” Bumbebee said with a laugh. “How do you draw yourself clean?”

Squirrel frowned. “That is not what I mean,” Squirrel said. “I wish you would not make fun of me.”

These things you say are funny, though, Squirrel,” Bumblebee said. “Because I do not see how a picture makes you clean.”

Squirrel put her face and her paw together. “How shall I explain this?”

“Better hurry,” Bumblebee said. “You are taking so long, this flower is starting to grow.”

“Some words,” Squirrel said, “mean only one thing. A word like far only means something that is not close to something else.”

“Are there many words like draw?” Bumblebee said. “Are there many words that can mean two different things?”

“Yes,” Squirrel said. “There are even words that are spelled the same, but sound differently when they mean different things.”

Bumblebee buzzed in a circle. “Now you really have me confused.”

Squirrel smiled. “It is not so hard. You are a live insect. You live in the forest. Live and live look the same, but have different meanings.”

“Like draw a bath,” Bumblebee said, “and draw a picture. Thank you, Squirrel.”

Squirrel got into her hot bubble bath. She began to sing.

Bumblebee waved a wing, and buzzed away, happy.




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