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Dolch Stories


Little Bunny and Little Cricket

The Bunny and the CricketLook out,” said Little Rabbit. “Someone is there.”

Little Cricket, next to him, looked up and down. “I am ready to go,” she said. “I think we are safe.”

Little Rabbit looked at the forest. He looked at some tall trees. He looked at all the darkness. He was glad he had his friend with him. But still he was afraid. "I am not ready," Little Bunny said.

“Do not be afraid,” said Little Cricket. She gave Little Rabbit a calm smile. “This forest is as safe as houses. There is nothing to worry about.”

"I will not be afraid if you will not be afraid," said Little Rabbit. "We will be brave together."

Just then, the two friends heard some loud noises. They jumped. Little Cricket jumped right on top of Little Rabbit’s ears.

“Where have you gone, Little Cricket?” asked Little Rabbit, nervously. He looked around for her.

“Oh,” said Little Cricket. She bent over and whispered in his long ears. “I am still right here.”

Little Cricket sounded very loud, so close to his long ears. So he didn’t notice the noise getting very, very close. Little Cricket was bent down to talk in Little Rabbit's ear. So she didn’t see the creature making the noise getting very, very close.

Until just then, BANG!

There it was.

Little Cricket and Little Rabbit were face to face with the noisemaker at last.

It was only Little Squirrel. “Hello, Little Rabbit. Hello, Little Cricket,” he said. “Fine night for nut-finding, isn’t it?”

Little Cricket and Little Rabbit were very, very relieved. “Yes, it is. Have a nice evening, Little Squirrel.”

Little Cricket and Little Rabbit hurried and hopped home as fast as they could in the calm, green evening light, to bed.  




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