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Dolch Stories


Fish and Frog

Frog and Fish

“I don’t know why I have to be green,” said Frog.

Every frog in this pond is green,” said Fish.

“I am too green,” Frog said. “I don’t want to be so green.”

“It is good to be green,” Fish said, “if you are a frog.”

Frog looked around. “I don’t know how I got so green.”

Fish looked around. “I see four other frogs in this pond, Frog. They are green. They are pretty frogs. So are you, Frog.”

Frog put her little webby hands on her face. “I don’t know about that, Fish. Maybe I would be pretty if I put on a red suit.”

Fish laughed. “Where would you get a red suit from, Frog?”

Frog sighed. “Any color would be better. Maybe if I got a blue suit I would look nice. Or maybe I would like a yellow suit.”

Fish smiled. “I think you might want to take it off when you wanted to jump somewhere. I think a suit might be too uncomfortable.”

Frog sighed again. “Well, then, Fish, what will I look good in? What will be comfortable, too?”

Fish smiled again. “How about your own pretty green skin, Frog? Take a look at yourself in the water. Look at your pretty self.”

Frog looked. “I don’t look too bad, Fish,” said Frog with a smile.

“You look good, Frog,” Fish said.

“I will take your advice,” Frog said. “Green is good for a frog.”




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