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Six Brown Baby Mice

6 brown baby mice

Six brown baby mice were going to go out to play.

Their mama mouse gave them each a kiss on their whiskers. “I will let you play in the front yard,” she said. “I will make lunch here in the house.”

“We will stay close by the house,” said the oldest mouse.

“We will not run away,” said the youngest.

 “Good little babies,” said Mama Mouse. “I will call you when lunch is ready.”

After the baby mice played all the games they could think of, they decided to play hide and seek.

One baby mouse hid behind an old tree stump.

One baby mouse ran behind a stone.

One baby mouse saw a mushroom big enough to hide by.

One baby mouse found a big yellow flower.

One baby mouse found such a good spot to hide, no one could find him at all.

The mice counted each other: one, two, three, four, and five. Oh, no! There were only five mice at the end of the game, instead of six.

Well,” said the oldest mouse, “this is terrible. We need Mama Mouse’s help.”

So the five scared mice ran inside for Mama to help them.

There they found Baby Mouse Number Six.

He was so very tired from all their games that he had come inside and gone to sleep.



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