Teachers: Got a web page?

These graphics are free for you to download and use! Enjoy!

Just please include this credit graphic, and link it back to Inkless Tales. Thanks!

Logo: Inkless Tales: Graphics Created by Inkless tales: www.inklesstales.com

To link your graphic back to Inkless Tales, please include the following code:

<a href="http://www.inklesstales.com/"><img src="your_web_directory_where_you_keep_your_images/credit_graphic.gif" alt="Logo: Inkless Tales: Graphics Created by Inkless tales: www.inklesstales.com" width="161" height="68" border="0" /></a>


Right-click any graphic to save to your hard drive.

What's the code?

Brief explanation:

<a href="the link"> Don't forget the "http://" !

<img src> image source. Where is your image? The web page will look for the directory, and the filename. You can use two kinds of references: absolute -> That's the whole web address, such as http://www.inklesstales.com/images/logo.gif, or you can use a relative reference, shown here: JUST your directory of images, and the file name.

<alt> alternate tag. This is important. Screen readers (web page readers for the disabled) use these tags to read images and graphics. Also: if your page is slow-loading on slower connections, these tags will load first and give users a clue about your page while your graphics appear. MUCH more important than you think to include on a page.

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