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The Ten-Minute Mom

10minmonDownload printable “10-minute-Mom” coupons for yourself, here.

Like all individuals, some kids are talkers, others simply aren t, and as individuals, they need time alone, and also time with you.

No matter how young or how old your kids are – and it’s never too late to start this – develop a routine of stopping in, or even better, stopping everything, to spend some quality time with each child you have.

It doesn’t have to be everyday, and it doesn’t have to be for hours  (for instance, I taught my 10-year-old how to knit in ten minutes yesterday) but try to make it fairly regular.

You’ll find even the most closed-up kid opening up to you, eventually.

Because you’re THERE.

One trick I use, since I’m a busy freelancer who works with people all over the world, and thus, in all different time zones, I tend NOT to keep regular hours: I’ve given my kids printed coupons. On it, they can present one (only one at a time) and when they do, I Stop, Drop, and Mom.

Although some restrictions apply (they can’t use one, for instance, if I’m on the phone), I suddenly take my hands off the keyboard, swivel my chair around to them, and they get my full, undivided attention.

I even have a timer set.

They can use more than one a day, but they get at least six a week. Of course, I spend more time than that, but they know, at least, when they DESPERATELY need me RIGHT NOW, they have that tool in their belt.

Amazing what you can accomplish in ten, real, quality minutes, too: Annie learned to knit, and was occupied the rest of the afternoon, happily.

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