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Costume: Dinosaur


You need:

  • Hooded sweat shirt and sweat pants.
  • Polarfleece-style fabric — enough to make a tail.
  • Cardboard, or extra matching fleece fabric (same color as sweat suit) — enough to sew a cone-shaped tail.
  • Craft foam — 7-10 yellow (or contrasting to the suit); 2-3 white; 1 black

This one s easy.

  1. Hooded green sweat shirt and pants, for starters.
  2. Then you ll need craft foam lots of it about 7 to 10 sheets. Yellow works well with green, and it s nice and bright in the Halloween darkness. You ll need two or three sheets of white for the teeth and eyes, and a sheet of black for the eyes as well.
  3. Trace a triangle with slightly rounded edges and make dinosaur plates. There’s a pattern for the plates at this link.
  4. Cut a slit about a quarter-inch from the bottom of the flat end of the triangle. Tape the plates, one by one, up the back of the sweatshirt, through the slit, with glow-in-the-dark duct tape, which you can order from Identi-tape online.

They re speedy and reliable, and the glow-in-the-dark feature adds an extra layer of safety to the costume. I ve ordered from this company myself, so I can vouch for them.

The tail:

If you re a sewer, a simple cone-shaped casing isn t hard to make and stuff. Attach it to a ribbon, or another strip of fleece and tie it around the waist, and then add the plates the same way you did the sweat shirt.

If you don t sew, here s another trick for the tail.

Take a piece of thick cardboard, or take apart an old box. Cut it into a long, triangular-shaped strip, about two feet long, and about four inches wide at the widest end.

Using a glue gun, cover it in green fleece, which you can get at the fabric store. To cover that much cardboard, you won t need a yard, but get a yard anyway, since you can use a strip of it for the belt.

Once the tail is done, and the plates attached, you can then attach the tail to the belt.

The belt can be tied onto the child, who can then cover it with the sweat shirt.

The dino head isn t hard, either. Cut several triangles they don t have to be exact. Actually, the more imprecise you are, the scarier the dino will look. (For a friendly dino, cut round or square teeth.) Just be sure to make the teeth small enough that they don t block your child s vision or annoy them. About an inch high should do.

Glue several to the top of the sweatshirt hood, and several to the bottom.

Cut one white circle and one smaller black circle on top. Glue them together, and then glue them to the side of the hood. Repeat on the other side. There s a pattern for this, too, on Inkless Tales.

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