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Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

Hi Guys!

Thanks for the note on Twitter referring me to your site. It’s great!

I like to talk to parents about daring to live out their dreams while their children are still young.

Most parents either wait until retirement to live a more creative lifestyle, or simply give up on the dreams of their youth altogether.

My family of six is traveling across North America in a 35 foot motorhome. We have no particular destination and no particular due date to return!

We most definitely did not always live this way. It took a lot of guts and some real pain to actually take this kind of step in our lives, but I’m so glad we said “Yes.”

It’s just so easy to say “No.”

Check oout my regular blog posts about our adventures at http://www.thepassionatewarrior.com. I also have written a book about how we pulled all of this together which you can pick up at http://www.familieswithoutlimits.com.

Just for the heck of it, one day, just do something that you don’t have time for. Do that thing that you think is totally cool but that just about everyone you know would be shocked to see you do.

‘Cause it’s not about them. It’s about you, and your family too.

I challenge people to model the kind of lives they’d want their kids to live. Open. Daring. Inquisitive. Creative.

This is how leaders are created. They sure ain’t gonna get that kind of teaching at school.

Are you ready to rumble

Thanks for the opportunity to join the conversation!

All the best,


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