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Celebrate: American Fourth of July

American flagWhile we prepare barbecues, ready our flags, and make red, white and blue cakes, the American Fourth of July is a great teachable moment for parents to let our children know how many other nations also celebrate an Independence Day.

Close to one hundred nations around the globe celebrate either an independence day, or a national day: view an easy-to-read list here.

A fun, educational activity for your family could be to look up YOUR heritage, and find out when the date is for the country your ancestors hailed from.

Meanwhile, here are some ideas for your kids to celebrate the US Independence Day:

Fireworks Cake:

While LOTS of people make flag cakes, fewer people consider FIREWORKS cakes. These are much simpler – and fun – for little hands.

  • The family’s favorite flavor cake will do.
  • Start with white icing – then use blue icing color. The paste variety works best, if you’re looking for a nice, deep-blue night-time sky, but any blue will do.
  • Sprinkles for the fireworks are fine, but if you want to get fancy, the sugar crystals are a little more sparkly. Using a clear baggie with the corner cut off gives you a little more control, and you can simply “draw” fireworks onto the cake. Since it’s fireworks, neatness most definitely does NOT count, as you can see here in this deliberately messy example. 


Fireworks cake

Other Fourth of July Activities:

Another fun idea, to keep kids occupied during either the BBQ, or while waiting for fireworks to begin, is to give them something to do with their hands.

This link will take you to instructions to make a patriotic hat, using origami: origami is a terrific art for kids, because it requires NO scissors, NO tape – just paper and folding.

If you’re waiting in the dark for the fireworks to start? Ask your kids to see how many states they can name. (Here’s a list for YOU, in case you’re rusty.)

Meanwhile: feel free to send in YOUR ideas! 


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