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Make Good Choices.

I heard “make good choices,” but it wasn’t ME saying it to my kid.

It was my kid saying to me, as I was headed off on a rare night out.

Make good choices

I stood, stunned, as she checked items off a mental list:

Guard your drink: you never know if someone might put something bad in it.

You won’t be that far away. If you don’t feel okay to drive? We’ll walk you home.

Text me every so often so I know you’re okay. I won’t even respond, so you don’t feel pestered – but this way, I’ll know not to worry. Just, I don’t know – an emoticon is fine.

As I left: “Don’t forget: make good choices.”

I was touched. “Make good choices.

Either I’m doing something right, or she turned out great despite my mistakes.

I love it.

How about you? Let’s hear the parenting moments YOU’VE experienced that make you feel like doing a touchdown dance.

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