• Our advertising policy

    InklessTales.com is committed to engaging in the advertising marketplace in a responsible manner that illustrates our commitment to maintaining high quality educational services for children, parents and teachers. These advertising policy principles will remain an important foundation to our site and are intended to ensure advertising enhances rather than undermines InklessTales.com products and services.


    InklessTales.com believes advertising can be acceptable in a variety of formats if appropriately labeled clearly and transparent to all users (i.e., children and adults). Advertisements may be displayed in: banners, web pages, widgets; links; feeds and newsletters communicated through e-mail and other e-mail functionality.

  • InklessTales.com may also include appropriate advertisements in mini-sites and contests. InklessTales.com will also seek relationships with corporate underwriters to become sponsors of individual areas within our family of sites, or for specific content initiatives. These sponsorships will provide corporations or their foundations opportunities to build brand identity and awareness by identifying their brands and products with proven educational products and services.



  • InklessTales.com intends to follow industry “best practices,” now, and as they evolve. InklessTales.com will carefully consider the content of all advertising to ensure those ads benefit all parties, and do not undermine the company's educational products or services.

  • Unsafe Products Ban: Recognizing a large percentage of our users are children, InklessTales.com will not accept advertisements, either directly or indirectly though third party ad servers, for products unsafe for children, including tobacco, alcohol, firearms and adult content. InklessTales.com will not accept ads in its sole discretion deems inappropriate for children, even if those advertisements do fall within the general definition of “safe.”

  • “Safe” Product Advertisements: Careful attention will be paid to all products promoted by InklessTales.com and to the context of these advertisements to ensure they are appropriate for our audience segments (including children).

  • We will work with our advertising partners to ensure no advertisement is misleading or confusing and that no product or service targeted to children of a certain age is portrayed as being appropriate for children of younger ages. Examples include ensuring toys for older children are not portrayed as being used by young children and snack foods are not portrayed as making up “healthy” full meals for any children.

  • Brand or Product Restrictions: In an effort to ensure no advertisement undermines the content on our sites or our corporate mission, InklessTales.com may, from time to time, deem certain brands or products unacceptable for advertising on our site. In general, InklessTales.com will endeavor to partner with companies and institutions supportive of our mission and purpose.

  • Competitor Restrictions: InklessTales.com reserves the right to prevent advertisements from appearing on our sites that are from direct competitors.


  • In addition to the above, InklessTales.com will regulate formats and context in a variety of ways, for example:

    Rules for Clearly Delineating Ads: Advertisements on InklessTales.com will be clearly delineated from content offerings regardless of the format in which they are being served. Specific guidelines include, for example, framing and/or delineating advertisements to ensure clarity to our user segment they are viewing or interacting with content or when they are viewing or interacting with advertisements.

  • Multi-Media Advertisements: InklessTales.com reserves the right to restrict or prevent advertising pop-ups, extreme animation and takeovers, sound and video ads and other advertisements that use multi-media formats that potentially degrade user experience or the integrity of our service.

  • Click-Through Statement: InklessTales.com makes efforts to link to appropriate outside sites for kids; however InklessTales.com is not responsible for click-through destinations, pages or content. Our policies do not apply to third party sites. If InklessTales.com offers any product for purchase, either through a “click here to order” button or other onscreen means, the ordering instructions will clearly and prominently state that a child must have a parent's permission to order.


  • In accordance with our privacy policy and to ensure compliance with the law, under no circumstances will targeting of any advertisements to users be based on the collection of personally identifiable information (such as name, address, email address, or telephone number) (“PII”) received by InklessTales.com during the registration process unless InklessTales.com receives prior notice and consent from adult users or an authorized person with respect to children under the age of 13. InklessTales.com does use third-party advertising companies to serve ads. These companies may use anonymous information (but not PII) about your InklessTales.com visits to serve advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest.